Could a Company Retreat Be Good for Your Business?

Company retreats have, well, retreated since the economic downturn of 2008. While the economy has picked back up, many organizations have failed to establish or reestablish company retreats. The following are a few ways that a company retreat may be good for your business that might just convince you to invest in the practice.

Provides a Fresh Perspective

A company retreat takes you and your team out of the realm of everyday repetitiveness. It can be hard for everyone to relax and break away from the idea that constant action is needed to be productive. Some activities during the retreat should be geared towards getting everyone to focus on the present moment and dig into some contemplation.

In some respects, a retreat can be better for getting employees to truly unwind than an actual vacation. A certain amount of guilt often follows employees on vacation as they feel that they have abandoned their post and wonder how everything is running without them. Some of the retreat can focus on helping them to let go of those feelings of guilt so they are able to not only enjoy the retreat, but future vacations as well.

Forges Relationships between Employees

Most company retreats have a deep focus on team work and trust, with the “trust fall” coming to mind for many when a retreat is even mentioned. While it may seem cliché, trust building exercises can work wonders when the team gets back to the office. Creating a deeper level of loyalty and comradely between peers can help to naturally form a company culture that everyone loves.

Brings Fears and Problems to the Surface

A retreat exercise that some companies find helpful is one where employees get into groups and talk about their work-related dreams or nightmares. This exercise can be fun and social, but also brings to light problems and opportunities that may never have been exposed otherwise. Talking about dreams is a little bit less pressure-filled than talking about perceived problems.

This type of exercise may also allow employees to relate to one another and forge stronger relationships. Learning that others share the same fears and see the same opportunities within the company can be reassuring and can help to take your company to the next level.

Showcases Hidden Talents

Some of the activities and outings encountered in any retreat take you and your employees out of the normal range of actions that are performed daily at the job. This can be incredibly helpful for uncovering hidden talents that may prove to be useful on a daily basis back at the office or when succession planning. You may be surprised to see the broad range of strengths that some employees have.

A company retreat sounds very luxurious, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a retreat that is somewhat close to home and on the budget side can be extremely effective at bringing your employees out of their shell and helping you see some opportunities for both them and your company.

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