What Will HR Management Look Like In 100 Years?

HR software has dramatically changed the landscape of HR management over the past few decades. Change has continued to be a constant as accessibility has moved towards cloud-based and mobile platforms. It is certain that HR management tools will continue to change as technology advances, so it can be fun to dream about what the future may hold.

Telepathic Communication and System Control

Synthetic telepathy is in rudimentary stages now, but in 100 years we will likely have it down to a science. This may mean that you will no longer have to use touch to control an HR system; the system will be able to pick up on your brainwaves and perform the tasks that you are thinking of.

Additionally, you may be able to communicate with others using brainwaves and some sort of translation system. Depending on how advanced we are able to get with translating brainwaves into pictures and words, this could improve and speed communications in amazing ways.

Logging In with Your Eyes

Right now, passwords are the standard way to log into an HRIS. Retina scans have been developed, but are not widely used. Since passwords can be easily stolen, shared, or guessed and retinas are not nearly as replicable, it is much more likely that retina scans and other types of scans will be used to access personal information in the future as the technology becomes more widespread.

Increasingly Convenient Hardware

Mobile devices have gotten smaller and thinner as time has passed and we’ve been able to downsize the inner workings. However, a small display isn’t always ideal for viewing schedules and other information in an HR system – or for other tasks and displays that you may use mobile devices for.

In the future, mobile devices may be paper-thin and roll up like scrolls or project images onto the wall. It is likely that there will be many options to choose from based on preferences, but the mobile devices of the future will likely be very different from the devices that we use today.

Remote Workforces in Exotic locations

As the population of the world continues to grow, we will need to find new places to populate. Some experts believe that we will have cities underground and under the ocean in the future, and of course there is a push to colonize the moon and create space stations. Rest assured that wherever people go, remote work and HR management will inevitably follow.

More Accurate Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are relatively new and don’t always get their predictions right. As we figure out new ways to set the rules and play with the software, the predictions are bound to get more and more accurate. This could make it much easier to plan daily schedules, budgets, and many other business needs.

No More “Stuck in Traffic”

There are several ventures taking place that will likely end tardiness due to traffic jams in the future. Driverless cars are becoming safer and more advanced everyday and Microsoft has begun to predict traffic jams before they occur with a degree of accuracy. In 100 years, if there are traffic jams at all, HR software may alert you to the delays so that you can avoid them and make it to work on time every day.

While workplaces and everyday life may look different in 100 years, HR management will still be needed as long as people work. Every new technological advancement will shape how people are managed, so the practice may look a little different than it does today.

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