Is There an Expiration on Inspiration?

An inspired workplace is what most companies want to have and to be perceived as. Inspired employees introduce new ideas that will make processes more efficient, improve products, and ultimately help to grow the company. Inspired managers find creative ways to motivate employees to do their best.

Unfortunately, the reality is that day to day operations often cause managers and employees alike to burn out. Burned out employees do not come up with the same fresh ideas or have the same positive attitude about the job that new and inspired employees do. Does this mean there is an expiration on inspiration, or is there something that can be done to reignite the spark?

Change is Good for the Soul

Change may be difficult to adapt to, but it can help to shake loose some new ideas and break up the monotony. This doesn’t mean that the whole workplace needs a revamp, though; even small changes can have a big impact. Introducing an HRIS, switching teams around, or cross-training employees in different areas can all help to breathe new life into tired patterns.

Continuous Goal Setting Drives Progress

The organizational vision should remain the same at heart, but goals should be set continuously to reflect changing times and to drive progress. Communicating goals in a public forum and celebrating achievements in a public way with all employees can make the prospect of reaching the goals exciting. This approach can inspire employees to set new goals, altering the perception from just another task on the list to something more engaging and collaborative.

Consideration Goes a Long Way

Few things can burn employees and managers out faster than a company that does not consider their well being. If employees are overworked or paid less than average, their outside stresses can begin to affect their on-the-job motivation and attitude. While pay and scheduling typically have the biggest impact, even little perks can help to show employees that the company cares and wants them to succeed both in work and in life.

Starting with Top Talent Delays Staleness

When employees are positive and creative to begin with, it is easier to keep inspiration alive. Rigorous selection processes can help to pinpoint the employees that are good at their jobs and have pleasant personalities that fit with the company culture. Attractive benefits and easy application processes can help to draw top talent to a company, providing a larger and more qualified candidate pool to draw from.

Addressing Creativity Can Garner Attention

Being creative while doing something that you perceive as boring is difficult at best. Instead of asking employees to be creative while performing mundane daily tasks, it may help to tackle inspiration droughts head-on and call together brain storming sessions. Making these sessions fun and informal can help to loosen employees up so that the ideas start to flow again.

By taking steps to keep the workplace fresh and full of energy, it may be possible to keep inspiration alive. It is important that the actions taken be done with sincerity, however, as a falsely enthusiastic attitude towards renewing motivation is easy to spot. Employees will appreciate a genuine effort to maintain an inspiring workplace and will usually have an easier time accessing their creative flow.

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